“Complex system for the full recovery of agricultural species with energy and food potential”


  • improving the institutional performance of the partners: SCDA Secuieni, University of Craiova – Faculty of Agronomy (UCv.), ICPA Bucharest, INMA Bucharest, IBA Bucharest, Dunărea de Jos University of Galaţi (UDJG) and SCDCPN Dăbuleni;
  • the development of innovative technologies and equipment that allow the full capitalization of the production of sorghum crops (grains and sugar), jerusalem artichoke and hemp;
  • increasing the transfer capacities of the obtained results applicable between the partners and in the economic environment by valorization of their competencies through research results offered to the economic and social environment;
  • expanding the range of research services offered, improving and / or specializing the human resource, respectively developing skills in the main field of activity through the technologies, equipment and products to be obtained;
  • full recovery of products, by-products and residues resulting from crops of sorghum grains and sugar, Jerusalem artichoke and hemp, in the energy and food field;
  • optimizing the cultivation process of the targeted agricultural crops, correlated with the most modern cultivation and capitalization technologies, so as to allow all the entities involved to strengthen the scientific and technical skills.


  • research jobs supported by the program: 14 – SCDA Secuieni: 2 people, University of Craiova: 1 person; INMA Bucharest: 4 people, ICPA: 1 person; IBA: 3 people; UDJG: 1 person and SCDCPN Dabuleni: 2 people.
  • national and international patent applications: 17
  • New products: 17
  • Functional foodstuffs: 5
  • New technologies: 10
  • New technologies at laboratory level: 4